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21st Mar 2011, 3:07 AM

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I know, it's been over a year, by now, but I need R to catch up before continuing Q, even though they now are separate stories. Q is more random, with no continuous storyline. R, on the other hand, has a huge storyline planned. However, they do start out the same, and it isn't until near the end of my planned comics that they begin to diverge.

Anyway, one of the reasons for the break has been to consider my artistic skill level, and try to improve it. This also applies to the size of the comic--it's a screenstretcher, right now. So, I'm trying to find a way to at least somewhat improve it. When I do, I might release *slight* edits of the comics--nothing as drastic as R, but small things, like removing giant lettering when unnecessary.


One of the obvious ideas to improve the comics is to simply put them on multiple lines, instead of one--people would much rather scroll up and down, than to the side. (Or, well, both up and side.) The main reason I'm a little hesitant is because of the possibility that it'd ruin the comic's flow, somewhat. So, yeah. It'll be a while before I have new content. And it'll take me even longer to continue this after R becomes a storyline, because I still have to think of random content for Q.

I'm also considering changing the layout of the site. It--right now--is...somewhat messy, to say the least.


(NOTE! PLEASE help me with the formatting! I would like to disable Double Spacing, yet it doesn't seem to work. HELP, PLEASE! Without these changes, the format you view this page as will be completely messed up.)

Right. So someone might've stumbled upon Comic Battle Q at some point or another, and been wondering what the heck is this thing, and why I am making it.


Well, technically, I'm not making it anymore. I'm just uploading years'-old images.

Comic Battle was originally started as just a little dabble. It started with a tornado, then a guy in the tornado, then a guy LAUGHING at the guy in the tornado, and soon, that guy got what he deserved when HE got zapped by lightning.

Sound familiar?


And so it began. I made a few revisions. Like most of my works with people fighting, I didn't know WHY they were (that had to be improvised. MAJORLY improvised.) but it was plot-essential for a Defeat Equals Friendship (TVTropes addict, remember? At the time, I was not; I learned of TVTropes around March '09. This comic was made well before the 2007 date given; that's just the last time it was edited.) scenario to occur.


Then, I started another. I decided to call each comic a "Day", as that's how long was supposed to last between strips. (Didn't work so well later on; I had something like five or so strips in a row taking place on the same "Day"--the thought to call them the same day, Part X never occurred to me.)


I started Day Two, with the idea of showing a darn-good reason for them to work together: their combined powers are awesome, 'nuff said. So, they demolish a tree, leaving nothing but a charred mark where a tree once was.


Days Three and Four were originally meant to be just one comic, but I realized I needed them to be longer. The shield wielder was meant to be a one-time villain, but I liked him enough to bring him back with a power upgrade. (And in R, he actually says "I took a level in bad-a" before being cut off.)


Five and Six, the same basic idea. A one-time villain (who I liked enough to bring back).


Yet at Day Seven, things changed. I was running out of ideas for what could've caused their situation. I decided (eventually, with great reluctance--originally, I had in mind an earth-shattering non-humanoid form with elemental mastery, or something equally bleak for the characters to overcome) that it'd be a human.

Further more, I wanted this human to be a recurring character. As he said upon his introduction, I meant for him to be their arch-nemesis--which is exactly why it took so long for him to be defeated ONCE.


After Day Fifteen, things changed. I took a long break and gained far more control over Paint's tools. And it showed; I added consistency with the dialog. Instead of hand-drawing EVERYTHING, I did copy-and-paste jobs. I did...well, a lot of what eventually made R.

But I still had a few ideas. The characters would have increasingly random encounters with enemies to defeat, and upgrade their powers on. They'd occasionally battle the goons, the shield-user and the giant. Their arch-nemesis would still be, however, the gun wielder.


...And that is how it was different from R. Eventually, I decided R's plotline would take a different turn. This happened when I realized the similarity in the characters' powers and the eight elements. (Four primary elements, everyone knows: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire. MANY, however, add four EXTRA elements, Energy, Ice, Light, and Darkness.)


And so, that's the difference.

Furthermore, I've made a decision: instead of ceasing Comic Battle and focusing on R--like I had originally intended--the two will continue on, as separate stories. R will continue with the official canon story which I consider the main story.

Q, however, will do what I had ORIGINALLY intended Comic Battle to do, having far less of a continuous storyline. Not only that, but I will hand-draw EVERYTHING in Q like I once did, NO Copy and Paste AT ALL. I will continue doing the dialog from scratch like I did from Fourteen and before, as well as half of Fifteen.


And now you know why I have both Comic Battle Q (the terrible quality, not-as-well-done original), and R (the redone, rewritten, revised, reenvisioned--pretty much most of the "re" words I can think of, for that matter--version). Also, Q's a very sentimental piece of work for me, no matter how bad the quality is.